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What business solutions are available for your niche? Let us make your business life easier so you can get back to what you really enjoy in your business.

Social Media Management

Yes your time is precious. Enable us to help your business to keep up with the expanding social media magnet that is available for your niche. All businesses need to tap into this industry!

Website Design and Development

A complete web development or a new web design to keep your business up to date with the moving times of the ever increasing internet marketing management arena.

Business Evaluations & Training

Looking at your business as a whole, online and offline, putting in place a plan to combine the best strategies for your business solutions. Training in how to implement these great marketing strategies.

Let’s us help build your business dreams

Helping to make your business work for you, with good business solutions in place to ease your work load, and build your customer and clientele intake. 


Can't see what you need? Please contact me so I can help.
  • Business Solutions
  • Web design
  • Social Media
  • Video Ads
  • Web Design & Development

    Do you need a web development or a new web design to keep your business up to date with the moving times of the ever increasing internet marketing management arena. Push your business forward to enhance all your possibilities in capturing new clients or customers. Having an engaging website that is responsive to all platforms will give you the competitive edge.

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  • power of social media

    Social Media

    Business Plans are available to service your social media requirements. Social media may be an overwhelming and time consuming job, yet it is a must to advertise and to reach your potential audience. Let us take the pressure off you.

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  • Video Ads

    Your Help Sales Marketing can design for you a video to promote and advertise your business. This will highlight your wonderful expertise in your niche.

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  • Business Solutions

    From free business solutions to easy monthly plans that help you, the business owner, to keep up with your internet marketing, social Media, SEO or just to keep an eye on your website to help it function efficiently.

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  • All good from our end. Things taken care of when we ask for help.

    01/08/2017 05:42 PM - Diann

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Tis Bliss Accommodation
    Accomodation in Victor Harbor, South Australia
  • Great support and very helpful.

    Hamley Bridge Community Association - Bev
    Hamley Bridge Community Association
  • Excellent Service!

    07/09/2016 08:16 PM - Bev

    Hamlery Bridge Community Website and social Media Management
  • Easy to work with and very knowledgeable.

    Great to just get things done by just sending an email.
    21/06/2016 12:08 PM

    Hamley Bridge Community
    Hamley Bridge Community Website
  • You were so helpful and amazing. I couldn't be happier with the service 🙂

     - Tuckfields - Carly

    Carly - Tuckfields
  • I would recommend Katz Green from Your Help Sales Marketing for any of your website design/SEO needs. She has recently completed a website for our company and was extremely professional in her approach to our design needs, provided good communication throughout the process and we’re very satisfied with our product. I wish her well in her business
    Web Development/Design, Graphics and Freedom Plan

    Louise, Glenhaven Park Camps
  • Excellent work, very collaborative.

    Mr Tearex
  • I already booked Katz for another gig. She is very responsive and talented. The memes look fantastic.

    Lasana, Get A Ring On It
  • Every time we work together it gets better! I love the memes you created. The images are spot on. And you did them in record time. You ROCK, Katz!! 🙂

    Marbeth, Your Joy Journey
  • Katz was excellent to work with, communicated well during the project to achieve and outstanding and prompt result.

    Jessie, Life Transitions Centre
  • You what deliver then I expected my friend. Your professionalism is unmatched. So far you are the best facebook business page designer I’ve seen on fiverr. What you did for me could me way far beyond what I expected. Thank you.

    The13thwealth, Prince
  • 120

    Thanks we have done a lot of memes each one unique

  • 120

    She was able to get it to me fast! thanks for everything,

  • 120


  • 120

    Yes will buy again these memes are fabulous.

  • Great to work with Katzhere. Good communication, credible and definitely the most professional seller I've met! Thumbs up! Thank you for your patience, Katz 🙂

  • 120

    Great work! Very fast and responsive. Highly recommended.

  • 120

    Outstanding Experience!

    Sarah Mode Dance
  • "Katz is a very astute business person and an extremely good judge of people. She readily grasps the key components and factors of any given situation, and moves quickly to maximize benefits. Anyone would do well to count Katz among their valued business associates."

    Pete Zdanis
  • 120

    Very prompt service. the images were professional looking, though the seller did not seem to understand the concept of my tagline. She did make an alteration immediately. Still didn't quite fit, but I'd recommend giving more details than you think you need to. If I had, perhaps it would worked.

    Tea Temptress


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