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  • Free Marketing Directories

    Free Marketing Directories As a local business, one of your most major challenges is attracting new customers. The Yellow Pages are still used but rarely compared to internet searches that allow feedback from your customers. Adding your business to free marketing directories with local listings on the internet can be a great way to spread […]

  • Social Media Traffic

    Facebook is still the leader in all social media traffic. Twitter is picking up as a second place in quite a few countries but Australia has not got on the Twitter ban wagon. Instagram is fast becoming one of the next most popular social media traffic platforms, followed close behind by Pinterest. Instagram and Pinterest […]

  • Content Marketing – Social Media Marketing Social Media can be one of the best content marketing strategies that any business can do. Using social media to share all things about your business is the cheapest way to get your business seen. Social media content marketing can help with a number of goals, such as: Increasing website traffic. Brand awareness. […]

  • GoDaddy is acquiring social media marketing platform Main Street Hub for $125M

    GoDaddy is acquiring Main Street Hub , an Austin-based social media marketing platform. The deal is for $ 125 M in cash plus up to $50 M in potential future earn outs, and is expected to close late in Q2 2018. Founded in 2010 Main Street Hub has raised a total of $93 M in […]

  • Social Media Mistakes That Can Seriously Harm Your Business

    Six Social Media Mistakes That Can Seriously Harm Your Business   Social media is the perfect way to promote any small business and help it gain momentum that you can build on. However, there is a bit more to social media marketing than most people think. It’s not just about creating an account on Twitter […]

  • How to Create The Perfect Sales Funnel

    How to Create The Perfect Sales Funnel to Generate Even More Online Sales   Would you like a system on your website that builds rapport and trust with new and returning visitors, qualifies leads and encourages them to make a purchase?   By the time you read this article you will be able to set […]

  • How to grow a new online business

    How to grow your new online business In Four Easy Steps Congratulations. Setting up a new online business is so exciting and full of amazing possibilities and opportunities. So now that you’ve got your business up and running, and hopefully you’re on your way to profitability. But what’s next? Well, it’s now time to start […]

  • Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Seven Social Media Marketing Ideas For Your Business That Will Crush Your Online Competition Thanks to social Media, the way that we do business has changed forever. In fact, a marketing strategy that doesn’t make use of social media is out of date and behind the times. Why? Because social media is exactly where your […]

  • Generate More Leads and Sales

    Discover How Your Website Can Generate More Leads and Sales As a business owner you want your website to generate leads. For many, it’s their entire reason for having a website. But you need more than a dynamic design and outstanding content in order to do it. When it comes to generating leads on your […]

  • SEO Secrets

    SEO Secrets That Will Help To Get Your Site Climb to The Top of Search Engine Results When it comes to the design of your website, the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be overstated. SEO, refers to creating a website that is not only seen by the search engines, but actually encourages them […]