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    Social media is the perfect way to promote any small business and help it gain momentum that you can build on.

  • Mindfulness In The Workplace

    Mindfulness is a powerful tool for even the most successful entrepreneurs.
    This mind-altering positive practice is nothing new. Buddhist monks have been using it for centuries. By entering a catatonic state of mindfulness, they are able to experience tranquility, insight and inhibited focus.

  • Post Blogs Via Email

    Using the email address, we set up for you to post blogs. I have organized a tutorial for you to help you to use the email address we set up for you, so you can post a blog via an email address. Please see the video above or we also have a PDF booklet that […]

  • Your Help Sales Marketing Newspaper 3.12.18 – Out Now


  • Your Help Sales Marketing Newspaper 4.11.18 – Out Now


  • YHSM Paper

  • Hate Scam Phone Texts! SCAMMERS!

      Have you received these Scam text Messages? These are very tricky as most of us have a text message from Aust Post to confirm a parcel and these scam messages are in with our legitimate messages!                       This is what Australia Post has to […]

  • 7 Times Google Maps Straight Up Ruined People’s Lives

    Have you ever gotten mad at Google Maps for underestimating how long a road trip would take, or telling you to turn left when it was really more of a light merge? How about for nearly leading you to an agonizing death in the desert, or nudging nations ever so slightly closer to nuclear war? […]