Activities That Every Small Business Needs to Add To Their Social Media

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Must-do Activities That Every Small Business Needs to Add To Their Social Media Planner


The next time you’re out and about, take a quick look around you. How many people have their heads facing down, eyes glued to a screen?

Social media has taken over our lives and we are all constantly dipping in and out of social media platforms throughout the day.

And yet, despite this, nearly half of small businesses don’t actually have an active social media presence, and 25 per cent of them say they have no plans to change that fact.

There really is no excuse for missing out on all the advantages of having a small business social media strategy, particularly if you want your business to survive. Social media is here to stay and you simply can’t afford to ignore it.

To succeed with your social media planner there are a number of activities you need to complete each day, week or quarter with respect to social media marketing depending on your overall goals, as well as your specific social media and business goals.


To help you, we have created a sample quarterly, weekly and daily planner, featuring 43 essential activities for you to use as a starting point. Simply tweak to fit your activities and needs.


Daily Social Media Planner


Here are the types of activities you’ll engage in every day on social media…social media planner


  • Check for any private messages and try to reply to them immediately.


  • Check for mentions of either you or your business. In most cases, mentions of you, your brand, your business and your product are likely to be positive. You can “like” these comments or even reply to them. However, what you’re primarily looking for here are negative mentions or public relation potential disasters that you need to nip in the bud immediately. If you find them, consider your strategy carefully before you reply. It’s best if you talk these decisions over with one or more people, especially if the negative publicity looks like it’s going viral. Never, ever react angrily or in an unprofessional manner. Remember that lots of people will be watching to see how you respond.


  • Check Facebook reviews. Acknowledge all reviews, good or bad. Aim to make it right if someone has posted a negative review. Thank those who post positive reviews, and invite them to do business with you again.


  • Check for user contributions on your pages. Sometimes people will post content on your Facebook Page timeline, for example (if you’ve allowed these contributions). Check these daily and interact/reply accordingly.


  • Monitor comments. Keep abreast of all on-going discussions, and weed out inflammatory comments, hateful comments, spam, etc.


  • Interact with your followers. ‘Like’ their comments and content. Reply/comment. Re-tweet/share as appropriate.


  • Review trending hashtags. Keep on top of what’s hot in your niche.


  • Read niche news to see if there is anything you need to address. Check multiple sources to be sure you have the facts straight.


  • Read popular blogs, groups and other community-based platforms. Again, check if there is any news that’s trending or needs to be addressed.


  • Plan, create and post content based on trending topics and news, as appropriate.


  • Post other planned content. (And/or check that your scheduling tools are doing their job.)


  • Check back in throughout the day to continue monitoring comments, trends, etc.


  • Upload new content. Ideally you should be using an app/plugin/software to schedule and publish content on your platforms. If not, then you’ll need to upload content manually as needed.


  • Do at least one marketing activity per day to build traffic both to your social media pages, as well as from your social media platforms back to your own sites.


  • Network and build relationships with potential joint venture marketing partners.


  • Create and post viral content to encourage engagement.


  • Blog about your social media platforms.


  • Cross-promote your social media pages across your other platforms.


  • Optimize your content for the search engines.


  • Run a viral contest in order to create new followers.


  • Do guest blogging.


  • Offer a freemium for your social media followers.


  • Offer your social media followers a special deal. This could be a coupon, a flash sale, a “two for” offer or similar.


  • Post a product review.


  • Ask your followers to post a review of your business and then share that review with their friends.


  • Create and distribute a press release on social media about your business.


  • Do a content swap on your social media pages and/or blogs and/or newsletters with a joint venture partner.


  • Do a Facebook Live video.


  • Buy advertising on social media (such as Facebook paid advertising).

social media plannerWeekly Social Media Planner

Here are the types of activities you’ll engage in every week on social media…


  • Check your insight/analytics tools. You need to check these at least weekly (or more) to find out what’s working as far as content, headlines, calls to action, days when you post, best time of the day to post, etc.


  • Plan new content. Set aside time each week just for planning. Ideally you should have a multi-month publishing calendar laid out (quarterly), but you may need to tweak and adjust it weekly as you review your analytics, new trends, etc.


  • Create content OR brief your freelancer. Generally, you should be creating content at least a couple weeks in advance, so you have a “content cushion” in case something would happen (you get sick, your freelancer gets sick, etc.).


  • Get updates from freelancers as needed. Stay in the loop and make sure everyone on your team is right on track. NOTE: In the case of new freelancers and those who are doing things like monitoring comments, you may ask for daily updates to learn about new developments as they happen.


  • Do Facebook Live events (as appropriate).


  • Schedule content. As your content gets created, load it up into your content scheduler tool (like, or otherwise put it on your publishing calendar so you know when to upload it.


  • Plan your marketing activities for the upcoming week. (See the daily list in the previous section for ideas about what you can do.)


Quarterly Social Media Plannersocial media planner


These are the activities you’ll engage in every quarter to support your social media marketing activities…


  • Review your social media goals, and determine if those goals are being met. If not, re-evaluate your current activities and adjust your plan for the upcoming quarter.


  • Review your business goals, and check if your social media activities support those goals. Again, re-evaluate and adjust as needed.


  • Plan your publishing calendar. Use the social media content checklist/planner in this guide to help you determine what to publish and when. Be sure to take into consideration product launches, major sales, promos for marketing partners, events such as contests, and holidays/seasons/events that can affect your publishing calendar.


  • Consider adding another platform to your load. If your other social media activities are going well, AND it makes good sense to join another platform, then now is the time to do it. But add only one at a time, and focus relentlessly until you get results.


  • Evaluate your workload. If you’re not already outsourcing, you’ll want to evaluate that position quarterly to see if it would make good financial sense to start doing it. If you’re already outsourcing, you may now consider if you should start outsourcing more of your social media content creation, interaction, and similar activities.


  • Check your social media paid advertising strategy (e.g., Facebook advertising). Tweak as necessary.



So there you have it, a daily, weekly and quarterly planner you can use for your social media marketing activities.


Just be sure to tweak it to meet your own needs before you put it to work for you. You might even want to print it off and hang it up near your workspace so it’s always at your fingertips for easy access!



social media planner


Too Busy?

As you can see, social media marketing needs commitment in order to make it work. Not all small businesses have the time to invest in running a successful social media marketing campaign.


If that sounds like you, please contact us immediately. We can do all of the hard work for you and create a successful social media marketing campaign that will appeal to your target audience and win you many more new customers. We look forward to hearing from you

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