Beginners Guide to Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click
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The Beginners Guide to Pay Per Click Advertising


One of the most effective online marketing techniques is pay per click advertising.Pay Per Click

One of the main attractions of this type of marketing is the fact that you don’t need to pay a set fee up front. Instead you only pay when someone interested in what you have to offer clicks on your ad.

It is a perfect way to reach your exact target audience because you choose specific keywords that potential customers will use when searching for a site like yours and then bid for placement of your ads for those particular keywords. That way, your advertising is highly targeted, limited to only those individuals who are actively and deliberately using those precise search terms.

In other words, you have the ability to reach people who are already interested in and are searching for your specific offer or product.

This gives you a huge amount of control over your buying public and the amount of money you pay for advertising.

Pay per click campaigns will enable you to drive an unlimited volume of targeted traffic to your website. It is instant and you can do it from the moment your ad gets published.

Compare that to other advertising or traffic generating methods. With basic “organic” SEO, for example, you would have to wait until the search engine spiders crawled your website and then hope your income-producing pages ultimately get listed.

Although organic SEO is highly profitable, it can take a considerable amount of time before you experience enough targeted traffic to make it financially worthwhile. With pay per click, you have the potential to bring in revenue within hours of launching your campaign.

By implementing solid organic SEO tactics, you can be rewarded with months or even years of targeted traffic. And all without spending a dime. Pay per click traffic, however, will only work as long as you continue funding your campaigns.


Making The Most Of PPC

The very first thing you should do – even before you plan your pay per click campaigns – is establish exactly who your target audience is.

Pay Per ClickFor example…


  • Is there a specific age group you need to reach?
  • Is gender a major factor?
  • Is their family status relevant?
  • Is their income level important?
  • Is their education level important?


Overall, you need to choose the type of people who can most benefit from whatever product or service you’re offering.

You also need to hone in on those individuals who will be most receptive, people who have a specific problem or need that you or your product can satisfy.

Without this type of information, you’ll get off to a very rocky start, one that could cost you a great deal of money.

If you know exactly who you want to target your advertising to, choosing the right keywords will be a much easier task. Plus, your campaigns will be much more effective.

Your goal is to select keywords (search phrases) that form a direct connection between your product or offer and the people who are interested in that particular product or offer.

Basically, you need to determine your own expectations and then choose keywords that will attract the individuals who can fulfill those expectations.


Keyword Strategy Tips

Before diving in to your PPC advertising campaign, here are some tips to help you develop a cost-effective pay per click keyword strategy.



Pay Per Click


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