Best Ways to Promote Your Videos

Best Ways to Promote Your Videos
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Discover the Best Ways to Promote Your Videos


With 400 hours of video being uploaded every minute to YouTube alone, it can be tough for businesses who are trying to use YouTube to get their message out.

With more and more companies focusing on video content, you need to set your brand apart before it gets lost in the shuffle. Promoting your online videos is a fine art, and one that can be the difference between having your content acknowledged with crickets and tumbleweed or with a standing ovation.

It is no wonder, so many companies find video marketing so daunting.

This article will help you promote your videos in a way that will get them noticed and to stand out from the crowd. effective video marketing Best Ways to Promote Your Videos



Promoting Your Video

So you made a video! Before you jump into sharing it on YouTube, take a few minutes to consider what that’s going to do for your brand image and social engagement.

Sure, YouTube is the biggest video sharing site on the planet, but is it right for you?

Videos are high-value pieces of Internet real estate, but consider what you want them to do for you before you start sharing them. And who do you want to see your videos?

more places to post your video than youtube Best Ways to Promote Your Videos

Video sharing is more widespread than ever so YouTube, as attractive as it is, shouldn’t be your one-stop video-sharing platform. Neither should you focus on video-specific sites. There are plenty of opportunities to promote your videos elsewhere and get even more viewers.


Let’s take a look at what channels are available and which ones you should consider focusing your efforts on.



Yes, the most obvious one but also the most trafficked video site in the world. It is easy for your video to get lost.


Your Website

Some people worry that after all the effort of making their video, they won’t get many viewers if they just put it on their website.


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