Brand Awareness and Attract New Customers Using Social Media Marketing

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Increase Brand Awareness and Attract New Customers Using Social Media Marketing


The key to effective social media marketing is the exact same key to any other effective marketing: providing value.

Unfortunately, this is something that a huge number of businesses have absolutely no idea how to do. The result is a very poorly managed and clumsy social media campaign.Blog Social Media Branding Strategy Brand Awareness and Attract New Customers Using Social Media Marketing

You can see the results for yourself by taking a look at the social media pages of your typical local B2B companies and you will find that they nearly all tend to post the same, uninspiring and lacklustre posts. You’ll see comments like:

“Find out why our (their product or service) is the best in the business!”


“Order our (their product or service) today to start serving your customers better!”

Yawn! They are not very engaging and are not very inspiring to people on social media. The posts are simply blatant self-promotion and not even interesting self-promotion.

be creative Brand Awareness and Attract New Customers Using Social Media MarketingDon’t be Boring

If you are worried about your social media posts, simply ask yourself: why would anyone be interested in following that? What are they gaining by reading your posts?

One of the single most important questions to ask when looking at your social media or your content is: would you read it? If not, then you need to do something to make it more interesting!

That means that your social media now needs to provide some kind of purpose for the viewer. It should be interesting, it should be entertaining, it should be useful or it should be inspiring.

People love to be inspired and inspiring social media can work particularly well when trying to engage your customers.

Take a look at Instagram and you’ll find lots of accounts filled with people wearing stunning clothes, posing to show off their rippling muscles, or even just showing of their wealthy lifestyle. Then there are the travel accounts with lots of pictures of beautiful mountain ranges and sunsets.

Why do these work? Because people see those channels and they feel inspired – they live vicariously through them and they enjoy daydreaming about having a life like that! They know that if they follow that account, then they’ll be shown many more similarly inspiring posts and they can continue to live the dream.

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