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How the Hashtag Became Ubiquitous

Hashtags have now become a part of our modern language #JustSaying.They seem to have seeped into every part of our lives; every marketing campaign has to have one (does anybody track them or engage with the users afterwards?).Above is a napkin from the sandwich company “Eat” in London. I’m unsure why somebody would want to tweet a photo of a napkin, but looking on Twitter, whilst the hashtag certainly hasn’t gone “viral”, people are using it. 

Free marketing directories

Free Marketing Directories

Free Marketing Directories As a local business, one of your most major challenges is attracting new customers. The Yellow Pages are still used but rarely compared to internet searches that allow feedback from your customers. Adding your business to free marketing directories with local listings on the internet can be

Generate More Leads and Sales
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Generate More Leads and Sales

Discover How Your Website Can Generate More Leads and Sales As a business owner you want your website to generate leads. For many, it’s their entire reason for having a website. But you need more than a dynamic design and outstanding content in order to do it. When it comes

SEO secrets
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SEO Secrets

SEO Secrets That Will Help To Get Your Site Climb to The Top of Search Engine Results When it comes to the design of your website, the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be overstated. SEO, refers to creating a website that is not only seen by the search

calls to action
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Secrets Of Website Design

Uncover The Secrets Of Website Design That Your Customers Will Love Most local businesses today have a website. It is a place where customers and potential leads can go to learn more about your company, and possibly even buy your product or use your services. But a lot of websites

about us
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About Us Page That Will Convert Visitors

Create a Killer, About Us Page That Will Convert Visitors Into Buyers The ‘About Us’ page on your website isn’t just another page to fill web space; it’s one of the most important pages on your website. This is where visitors will go to learn more about your business, what

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Get More Subscribers on Your Email List

How to Get More Subscribers on Your Email List   Email subscribers are the lifeblood of any online business, and vital to a great content marketing campaign.   You know you need subscribers, but what’s the best way to grow your list, especially when you’re just starting out?   Ethical

facebook live
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Ways To Use Facebook Live

Four Exciting Ways To Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Products and Services Have you tried using Facebook Live Video to promote your products and services? If not, you might like to give it a go, because right now it’s a pretty hot medium. Small business owners are making a

Build Your Brand Online
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Tips for Small Business to Build Your Brand Online

Tips That Every Small Business Can Use to Get People to Know Your Brand Online   How do your customers find you? It seems like that should be a simple question to answer but the reality is it can be tricky.   Potential customers are becoming more internet savvy and

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