Creating a Website That Will Attract Visitors

Creating a Website
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Four Steps To Creating a Website That Will Attract Visitors And Convert Them into Paying Customers

Creating a Website

Up until the 1990’s, a Yellow Pages listing was an absolutely must-have for business owners. How things have changed.

Google is the new Yellow Pages. Unlike the static Yellow Pages, however, search engines are dynamic, they mold and adapt to trends and deliver near instant results.

Search engines are how most consumers conduct research online, before making a purchasing decision and because search engines are evolving with the Internet, they will continue to be around for many years to come in one form or another.

To emphasize how important it is to have an onlinepresence, the Business News Daily said: “Today’s consumers are increasingly likely to first encounter your brand online than off, and even those who get their first impression of your brand in print often follow up with a Google search.”

In fact about 75% of Internet users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on its website design, according to Stanford University research, so a site must be visually appealing.

However looks aren’t everything. Consumers also demand a great deal of functionality from a company website. They expect to find information easily, and they prefer sites that serve as a social hub where they can interact with company employees and connect with other consumers.

Creating a Website

A good business website provides the means to create relevant content which can be found by consumers looking for your product or service.

Websites play a significant role in building and strengthening brands. Whether you’re re-launching a website or introducing a new one, it’s a very powerful opportunity to position your company for success.

Because websites serve so many functions and have so many moving parts, it’s a serious undertaking to design, build and launch a site. If you want killer results, you need a solid plan.



Follow these four steps to capture potential customers’ attention and encourage them to become fans of your brand.


Quote: About 75% of Internet

users make judgments

about a company’sCreating a Website

credibility based on its

website design.



Create Pages That Engage Readers Quickly

Average first-time visitors make judgments about a website after only two-tenths of a second, according to




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