Drive Thousands of Customers To Your Website Using Pinterest

Using Pinterest
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Your New Secret Weapon….How To Drive Thousands of Customers To Your Website Using Pinterest


Using PinterestNow that Pinterest is mainstream and extremely popular, you are probably wondering whether or not Pinterest is right for your business. Does the type of business you are in attract visitors from Pinterest?

While any type of business can make Pinterest successful with a bit of hard work and determination, there are a few industries that just work so much better for the type of medium Pinterest is.

However, even if you don’t work in any of the specific niches listed below, you mightbe able to change your marketing strategy to take advantage of the additional traffic that these areas of commerce get.

Here are industries that seem tailor-made for Pinterest.



We all love to travel and while most people are usually just dreaming when they look at travel pictures on Pinterest, if someone is actually planning a vacation and they like what they see or find the perfect solution to a specific need or desire with your products or services, they are more likely to choose to buy from you or use your services.

If you are in the business of travel, you know that while most of the time people aren’t seriously looking to book a flight and hotel. However, when you encounter ones who do, it makes it all worthwhile. Pinterest sells your services without actually ‘selling’.


Home Decorating and Interior Design Using Pinterest

This is a great niche for Pinterest because it lends itself to such a huge variety of different products and services associated with it. There are dozens of industries and thousands of products that can be promoted via Pinterest in the home decorating category. Many of the people that are browsing the site are looking for inspiration and remodel ideas. If you can show them something that they can see in their own home, you might just have a new customer.


Arts & Crafts

Another area that has a huge potential for profit is arts and crafts. Pinterest is one of the most active sites on the Internet because of crafts specifically.

People are always looking to make something, on every holiday, forevery occasion. If you are in the business of selling products that can be used for arts and crafts, Pinterest is a great choice for you. Some of the crafts that are out there that people are looking for ideas on include: art, sewing, making close, creating storage spaces, making their own invitations and creating wreaths, not just for the winter holiday but all throughout the year.


Food & Drink

If your business is food or drink related, Pinterest is the perfect marketing tool for you, particularly if you can target your pins to a specific area by using tags and keywords. It is the perfect platform because people browsing Pinterest and finding food items that they want to try will probably come into your place of business or visit your website in order what they have seen. A pin of the delicious food item could do more to attract customers than many other kinds of advertising and is perfect for creating desire round your brand.

Using Pinterest

Diet & Fitness

Everyone knows that the diet and fitness industry is extremely popular on the Internet, and Pinterest is no exception. If you are in the diet or exercise business, Pinterest is going to be a mecca for you. Pinterest is full of diets, weight loss plans, recipes, exercise routines and much more. If you want to sell products and services to this audience, you should spend your time connecting with the people who see your pins and motivating those who are doing the exercise and diet plans. Show them items that can help them reach their weight loss goals and they will buy.


Books & Movies

Some of the most popular items on the Pinterest site are books and movies – with a special focus on books. People love buying books. Promoting books is a great way to get Pinterest followers to come from the social media site to yours, as long as you actually know about the items that you are promoting and are not just making pins indiscriminately.

Using Pinterest


Fashion is another great niche on Pinterest. People are always posting pictures of their favorite fashions and lots of traffic flock to those pins.


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