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Help Sales Marketing Guide to finding the optimal social media platform for your business.

Not sure what the best social media platform is for you?

If you’re overwhelmed by social media networks and choosing between them, then you’re in the right place.In this post, I’m sharing some key ways to narrow down the best social media platform (or platforms!) for you and your business – so you can start to spend more time where you need to be… and get results.


I get asked all the time about where the best social media platform is for members of my community. Is it Instagram? Is it Pinterest? Facebook? YouTube? LinkedIn? Twitter?The list goes on and as social networks grow and come and go, it’s harder than ever to work out where to focus your time.I can’t say that I can give you a definitive answer, but I can give you some tools, tests and approaches to help you narrow down the best social media platform or platforms for your business.

A Word On Core Content

We need to talk about this first before talking about social media platforms. By Core Content I mean podcasts, blogs or video channels.These are typically your major content creation platforms and are super important. For me, It’s blogging. For someone else it might be podcasting. For others, it’s video content.

Either way, you should be focusing on at least one of these core content mediums from which you create your primary content.

For the purposes of this post, I’m focusing on social media platforms vs core content.  We’re going to look at how you can choose which social media platforms you’ll focus on in order to share and engage with people around your core content. Make sense?

Then we will take a look at a few ways to leverage those platforms for results!

Let’s get started…3 Ways To Find Your Sweet Spot (And The Best Social Media Platform For You)

You don’t have to use all of these tips at the same time. I recommend that you start with one, and go from there. Usually you will end up using more than one strategy, as they work together well.

1. Survey Your Audience

More than ever, it’s important to survey your audience to find out what they need and how you can help them. This is the best way to create the core content (and social media content) that makes the biggest impact and gets the biggest engagement and results.

You can survey your audience via your email list, social media or even someone else’s list in terms of asking another audience to complete a survey. Once you know what your audience is struggling with them and what they need help with, you can create content that solves those problems, inspires them and helps them.

Some tips to get started: Ask about their single biggest challenge – ie What is your single biggest challenge when it comes to X? Narrow it down to one topic if you can. Use their language – if you receive longer, more detailed responses, notice the language they use. Use the phrases, questions, terminology your audience uses in your social media posts or longer form content. If you “speak their language”, it helps to create content that engages them. Take advantage of polls on social media – using Instagram Story Polls, Twitter Polls or Facebook Polls can be a quick way to get some feedback from your audience.

2. Find Your Sweet SpotThis is about finding out the “sweet spot” that tells you where you should be focusing your time and on which platform.

It’s where the following 3 things meet:

Where your audience hangs out.  Is it Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? LinkedIn? Twitter? Snapchat? … somewhere else?

Where you like to hang out. What platforms feel “easy” and fun for you and your team?The type of content that suits the places you + your audience like to hang out. Do you have the bandwidth to create that content? Is it video? Audio? Text? or a mix? Is it Images? … What type of content is?Put simply, find out where you, your audience and the content meet! That’s your sweet spot.Then think about who in your team can create the content for the key platform and audience you are looking to help or service. You may have to play around with ideas but usually there is a good fit between the three key areas.Now you have your sweet spot for your social video strategy.As an example, one of the platforms where my audience is hanging out and where I love to hang out is Pinterest. And I love creating visuals so it’s a good fit.On Instagram, however, my audience is on Instagram Stories and I LOVE to consume and create Instagram Stories. It’s a perfect type of video for me. So again, it’s a nice sweet spot.What about you?

3.  Focus InIf you focus on one platform for a period of weeks or months, the following and engagement (and traffic) on that platform will grow.So.. When you decide on your sweet spot, give it some focused attention.  Make it your “focus platform” for a set period of time and you might be surprised about how it grows.You can still post content on other platforms… nothing needs to change there. But you’ll spend a little more time and give a little more love to your “Focus Platform”. We

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