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Using the email address, we set up for you to post blogs.

I have organized a tutorial for you to help you to use the email address we set up for you, so you can post a blog via an email address.

Please see the video above or we also have a PDF booklet that you can download (Below) so you have a copy to refer to when you need.

Also below,  we have a few extra notes that are not put into the video or PDF as yet! Please see bold and italic text.

bLOG POST EMAIL 5 Post Blogs Via Email
Blog Post via Emails
image001 4 Post Blogs Via Email

  1. Open a fresh email
  2. Copy the email address that we created especially for you to use while sending emails to create your blog posts.
  3. Place this email into the address bar in your email.
    A Note: Please keep your blog post email address secret and secure so that nobody else can add blogs to your website.
  4. In the subject line, type in what your blog posts title will be.
    Note: Having a good keyword title that matches your content is valuable.
  5. Add your content into the body of the email, keeping in mind to set it out as easily read and also once you have created your content for your blog post, check for grammar and also spelling errors.
  6. Remove your signature from the bottom of your email if you wish. Recommended
  7. Add a featured image. This image will be shared first on your site and also throughout your social media channels. Please insure that images have a enriched keyword title.
    a. You can add via INSERT FILE inside your email.
    b. You can drop and drag images into your email.
    c. Or copy and paste via a Windows program or similar (ex: Word)
  8. To send a video via YouTube, a. enter the Youtube video URL address, (copy and paste). b. If you wish to have a specialized Youtube video size – you can copy and paste the embed code from the Youtube video straight into the email. c. Place URL or Embed code where you would like your video to be placed on your post.
  9. SEND Email
  10. After sending you may wish to click the Send/Receive button on your Email program. So your email is sent as soon as possible.
  11. Your Blog Post will take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to become live on your site.
    a. You will need to refresh your website blog page to see the latest blog post show up.
  12. You can copy your URL from your blog post into any Social Media platforms to share instantly.
  13. If I set up your blog post system for you then you will probably have an automatic sharing to your Social Media Platforms. Which ever Social Media we discussed to be added to your blog posts will be sent to those platforms automatically.
  14. That’s it! Hope you have found it an easy solution. As always the more you do it the easier it will become.

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