How To Make Your Emails So Irresistible

Your Emails
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 How To Make Your Emails So Irresistible That People Will Want to Open Them

Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way to connect with your customers. online list





Despite all of the changes on the Internet over the years, emails are still an important and relevant way to communicate. Do you even know anyone who doesn’t have an email address? Email is a big part of our lives and that is why building an email list is an essential element of your marketing strategy.

However, because people get so many emails, it can be hard to get your emails opened and read. So how can a small business stand out and ensure customers read their emails? These 10 tips will help boost your open rates.


  1. Be Personal and Friendly

What kind of emails do you prefer to open? Would you prefer to read an email from a friend or some faceless business sending you a sales pitch?  Instead of writing boring, business-like emails, address your audience as you would a friend, in a conversational and respectful manner. You should also consider under what circumstances you would normally email your friends – usually when you actually have something to say right? Do the same for your list: don’t be a time-waster, only email when you have something of value to say. (Note on being personal: make sure you don’t overuse the person’s name throughout your email – that’s just creepy!).Your Emails


  1. Earn Their Trust

It is important to be trustworthy. This means making sure that people get what they think they’re signing up for. If sales emails are part of your strategy (as they should be!), make sure that people understand when they sign up that they may receive some sales messages. Another way to build trust is to use your own name as the ‘from’ field. It adds more credibility and trust to if you use your actual name rather than a faceless business. It also adds an element of integrity when your own name is on the line rather than hiding behind a corporate identity.


  1. Be Relevant and Informative

If people take the time to open and read your emails, they want to be rewarded for opening your email out of the thousands that are probably floating around their inbox. So make sure you always provide something of value so that people may start to actively look for your emails. Being helpful or generous is what a friend would do. It also makes your emails relative and informative, so they will want to continue to read them.


  1. Your Subject Heading Should Grab Their Attention

If you want to your email to stand out amongst the inbox clutter, you need to create an attention-grabbing subject line. Here are a few ideas that will give your subject lines a boost…

Your Emails

Use power words. These are words that have the ability to evoke emotions in those who read them. Power words can conjure fear, inspiration, curiosity, greed or a host of other gripping emotions.

Tell people exactly what they’ll learn when they open the email. This ensures that you are not wasting anybody’s time. People like to get to the point and want to know what’s in it for them immediately. It goes without saying that you make sure you deliver what you promise them in the subject heading.

We all love lists. Titles such as ‘The 10 things you must know about…” or “7 Essential Lessons from …” are an excellent way to grab attention.

Look at your own inbox – what subject lines grab your attention? Try modeling your own on these. You will find lots of inspiration.

Always test your subject lines. Try different types of subject lines on your list and monitor which ones get better open rates. Sometimes even just one word can make all of the difference.

Your Emails

  1. Edit, Edit, Edit

Very few people have the time to read long lengthy essays. Your customers are busy people so they will always appreciate something that is relatively short and to the point. If the people on your list end up having to wade through a long email, you will end up losing a lot of them.



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