Why Isn’t Your New Online business Getting Any Customers

New Online business
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 Why Isn’t Your New Online business Getting Any Customers…and How You Can Fix It!


New Online business

We are all familiar with the quote from the Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams movie.

Kevin’s character hears a voice when walking through his cornfield, which says, “If you build it, he will come”. Later he sees a vision of a baseball field. He builds the field and Shoeless Joe Jackson, a long dead professional baseball player, turns up and asks to play catch.

The quote as been adapted into a business setting and often means, if you build something people will come to use (and pay for) it. However, it doesn’t always work out like that…


You have built it…but they will not come.

You can imagine how disappointed website owners are when they invest a lot of money and time creating a new website, and nobody comes.

New Online businessThe top two complaints from business owners after starting a new website are:

  • Why am I not getting traffic?
  • And
  • Why am I not making any sales?


As we have just mentioned, just because you have a site, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to get traffic.

Even if you are receiving a steady trickle, generating 1,000 or more visitors per day doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistent effort over a sustained period of time.

IN this article we will explain why your site isn’t getting traffic, and how to fix it. You will also discover how to ensure those visitors don’t leave your site without taking action – whether that’s to buy your product or service, to contact you, download a report or sign up for your mailing list.

Why are You Not Getting Any Traffic…and How You Can Fix It


There are many reasons why your site isn’t getting much or any traffic.

Here are the most common ones, and ways to fix them.


Reason Number One:

You Don’t Promote Your Site Well Enough

After spending so much time and effort creating a site most new online business owners believe and expect that if they build a great website, visitors will automatically find them. If only this was the case, but it isn’t, unfortunately.

You know you have a great website, and anybody who happens to be in the ‘middle of the dessert’ will also be able to see how great it is. However, until word gets out about your website, your site is stuck in virtual limbo.

This means that if you want to attract visitors to your site, they need to know you exist in the first place.

New Online business

How to fix it: If you haven’t done anything about promoting your site, now’s the time to make it a priority. You need to reach out to your audience and tell them where you are.

There are lots of ways of doing this including, connecting with your audience on social media, optimizing your website for search engines and putting into place ad campaigns such as Facebook advertising and Google Adwords.


Here are some things you can do to increase traffic to your site.


Optimize your site for search engines: Proper search engine optimization (SEO) helps your site to show up near the top of the search results for typical phrases and keywords that potential customers are searching for when trying to find a product or service like yours.


Run pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns: PPC marketing, such as Google AdWords is one of the quickest and easiest ways to tell people about your website. When done right, online ads can instantly generate hundreds, if not thousands of clicks to your website as it gets your ads in front of the right people.

New Online business

Build a following on social media: If you want to grow your business, you need to get the word out about your products and services. To do that, you need to go to where your market is. Right now, the hottest place to find them is on social media sites. Ignoring social media is simply not an option for your business.


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