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Podcast For profit: Discover the Power of Podcasting


Podcasts have the power to create a bond between you and your customers. Nothing engages your customers more like audio and video. Speaking to people directly helps build trust, convey information and articulate what you business has to over in a far more effective way than other forms of media.

Podcasts are also another way for people to discover you, since people search on iTunes and other directories for podcasts in their area of interest.

By connecting with this community of interest, you can generate customer loyalty, and new business.

A podcast, like a blog, is a content tool that becomes more powerful the more content you add.

A regular podcast, like a regular blog, builds up a back catalogue of information that people will keep discovering. And since each episode will be delivered on a separate page of your blog, along with show notes and possibly even a transcript, there is plenty of textual content and links for search engines to index.

Despite all of the advantages, podcasting can seem an intimidating social media tool to use, as there is more to it than starting a Facebook group or setting up a blog. But it is really not that scary if you approach it with the same principles as other forms of social media.

Think about what valuable, useful content you can provide for your target audience.  Focus on your audience, be relevant, authentic, and informal, and don’t forget to include a call to action at the end.

How to Grow Your Audience for Your Podcastpodcast connect with customers Podcast For profit

Once you have decided to launch a podcast, the next main concern for most people is how to grow an audience for it. Your growth and marketing plan should actually be built right into the podcast.


  1. Give it a strong, interesting name

It needs to appeal to your niche and be searchable on sites and aggregators.

  1. Create strong titles for each podcast


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