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Discover why it is Vital To Protect And Manage Your Online Reputationrespond calmly Protect And Manage Your Online Reputation

Online customer reviews are on the rise. Customers are reviewing businesses on directories like Yelp, and Google+ Local. In addition,
customers and even prospects are writing about their experiences on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Some of these posts and reviews are glowingly positive, while others are very negative, which could seriously damage a business.

While some of the reviews are warranted, based on real experiences, others are unjustified rants from disgruntled or outright crazy people…and even competitors seeking to destroy the competition.

Unfortunately, this means you can no longer ignore your online reputation. If you serve and interact with customers who have access to the internet (that’s just about everyone nowadays), then you need to monitor and respond to what is being said about your business online.

At some point, people are going to mention your business, your brand, your products, and/or your services online and you need to know what they are saying.

The fact is, most potential customers will “Google” you and your business before picking up the phone to call you or come into your store. Your online presence will either be their first impression of you or they’ll be doing a quick background check. Either way, it’s going to affect their decision to contact you or do business with you so you can’t afford to ignore it.

What happens when a prospect searches for your business?

Do you know what pops up in the search results? What if they search for “[your business name] + reviews”?

Or what about “[your product/service name] + scam”? Try a few of these searches in Google and see if a prospect would be impressed or hesitant after viewing the results. You may be shocked to see what some people write about you online.

Ptake action Protect And Manage Your Online Reputationlus, now that Google is highlighting reviews and five star ratings in the search results it’s almost impossible to miss customer reviews. When I personally search for a nearby restaurant or service provider, I can’t help but select businesses that have more favorable reviews. It’s human nature to look at other people’s feedback to make the process of choosing a business much easier.

Research has shown that all humans use social signals to make faster decisions. For example, if you walk by two restaurants and one is full of diners, while the other is empty, then which one will you immediately believe has higher quality food? Obviously the one with more people, and this same process happens online millions of times every day. Potential customers intuitively believe businesses with more reviews and more comments will provide better products or services.


Hopefully you now understand how critically important your online reputation is for your business.



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