What is SEO?

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I guess every internet marketer who owns a website is familiar with the term SEO which refers to Search Engine Optimization, but the regular person may not be aware of this term. So here goes ….

It is all about optimizing your website in such a way that it features on the top SERP’s (Search Engine Research Pages) and thereby increasing traffic on your website. Optimizing your website to suit the needs of the search engine requires adequate knowledge about search engines and their working process. It is also essential to maintain proper keyword density of the articles on your website. Also the title tag and metatag of your website must contain the keyword you are targeting.

The working procedure of 2 search engines may vary and therefore it becomes really difficult to have a website that suits both the search engines. There are no hard and fast rules to rate a site and these rules keep on changing, therefore webmasters need to be really vigilant and should regularly update their website from time to time so that they can feature on the top SERP’s. It’s only with experience that you will understand more as to how a site should be optimized to rank good. SEO is therefore an important marketing strategy that is deployed by website owners worldwide to receive a good PR (Page rank). Search engine optimizing your website will produce the desired results for you.

Besides SEO, there can be other marketing strategies like advertisements, quality backlinks that can help you to have a good PR. We find that algorithms of rating a website keep on changing from time to time and therefore a website that relies heavily on Search Engine Optimization may suffer a loss. Therefore we conclude that SEO is the most effective marketing strategy that can help your website to become fairly popular and thus generate enough funds for you.


Some Great SEO Tips

  1. Submit articles to back link your site
  2. Create a key word rich blog
  3. Join forums and add your links into discussions
  4. Ask sites that link to your competitors to link to you as well
  5. SEO URL format (with name or key product text in URL)
  6. Included a site map (standard site map at least if not google site map)
  7. Meta tag editing for main site and other pages

We will supply you a full written report on exactly what needs to be done to your website and content to increase your SEO, so that you may obtain better traffic to your website, which will, in return, build sales.

We do understand that large SEO companies cost the earth! So by doing some of your own SEO you are cutting costs. We can also help by assisting you to achieve this. Some SEO fixes can be easily done by you – the business owner, but some fixes can be a bit trickier and requires going deeper into your websites programming. Which can be very daunting and overwhelming, let alone the time it takes to do some of these fixes, but this is where Your Help Sales Marketing can also help with this business solution. We are only an email or phone call away.