Social Media Success For Your Business

Social Media Success
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Discover 7 Secrets To Social Media Success For Your Business

Social Media Success


Social media marketing really isn’t an option any more. Every business should be using it as part of their marketing campaign.

Most small businesses have found it essential in helping them to establish, maintain and expand their online presence and reputation.

As a business owner, the key to social media marketing success is to build a relationship with your target audience.

It sounds easy (and it is when you know what you are doing) but this is where many businesses get confused and make the mistake in thinking that social media is a place to sell their product or service by constantly blasting their followers with sales pitches.

It is important to remember that social media marketing is a process and the very first step in social media marketing is creating engaging and informative content that readers will want to share with their circle of friends i.e. their social network.

Social Media SuccessThe content that you create (your message) will spread as your target audience shares it. That content needs to present you and your business as an authority in your field so that it establishes trust with your audience.

A reader will share the content you create if it is informative, well written and gives them something of value. That one reader will then share it with everyone that they know and those people will share it with their friends and on and on. This is what is meant when you hear that something’s gone ‘viral’.

In the old days before the Internet, this was known as word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of, if not the, most powerful forms of marketing out there and it is what social marketing is geared around and what makes it tick.


This is because people always trust their family and friends more than they trust an organisation or business. After all, if your best friend recommends that you go and see a specific movie, you are more likely to go watch it because your friend gains nothing out of referring you and they know what you like and enjoy.Social Media Success

The weight of their word and knowledge of you is greater than a paid actor in an advertisement.

As with most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to use social media marketing. There are a few very common mistakes that marketers make in the social media world, and there are a few best practises that you need to know about.


How to do social media marketing the RIGHT way

  1. Take Your Time…You Need To Make the Right First Impression:

It is far easier and much more cost effective to take your time and make the right first impression than to spend lots of time and resources trying to fix the wrong one.

Remember, social media marketing is fundamentally based on word of mouth. It only takes one dissatisfied or unimpressed customer to ruin an entire marketing plan. For example, one blogger was able to shut down an entire new product line for lingerie store Victoria’s Secret when she expressed her scathing opinion that a certain new item that they had on sale was ‘overt racism masked behind claims off inspired fashion…. that makes my skin crawl.’ Within a matter of days, the item was withdrawn from sale. This highlights how powerful opinions on social media can affect a business.

Social Media Success

  1. Have a Consistent and Unified Marketing Message:

Social media marketing should not be seen as something separate from the rest of your marketing. It is an integral part of your marketing plan.












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