Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic
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Facebook is still the leader in all social media traffic. Twitter is picking up as a second place in quite a few countries but Australia has not got on the Twitter ban wagon. Instagram is fast becoming one of the next most popular social media traffic platforms, followed close behind by Pinterest. Instagram and Pinterest are a very visual style of a platform and usually, that is the easiest to market as well and ranks better for your social media traffic.

Social Media Traffic Tactics

  • Make use of hashtags they can help you to reach an audience who happened to look for something in particular, that your hashtags will point too.
  • Paying for advertisement is the most efficient and time-saving method to reach a larger audience.
  • Share the right content for your audience to build trust and credibility.
  • Be short and concise with your message to engage more audience.
  • Optimize social post with trending keywords from your niche.
  • Show off your positive reviews to prove that you’re not a scam.
  • Add photos and short videos to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Place your “Share” and “Like” button on the most obvious spot on your website and all correspondence, ex: emails.
  • Respond to messages and feedback as soon as possible, to show your interest in your customers/clients interactions.
  • Posting content on a regular basis to prevent being forgotten by your prospects.
  • Start a blog to craft meaningful and useful content.

Social Media Traffic


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