Tips for Small Business to Build Your Brand Online

Build Your Brand Online
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Tips That Every Small Business Can Use to Get People to Know Your Brand Online


How do your customers find you? It seems like that should be a simple question to answer but the reality is it can be tricky.


Potential customers are becoming more internet savvy and have more and more options to find the product or service they are looking for, so it’s your job to make sure your business can be easily found.


Getting your brand out there is important to any business, but particularly to small and medium-sized businesses that need brand awareness and recognition in order to increase sales.

Build Your Brand Online

Fortunately, even with the smallest advertising and marketing budget, you can still get your business found online with a little hard work and Internet know-how.


Check out the seven tips below to help you get your business found online:


Be Friendly

Start with people that you know already. Use the contacts that you have in your smartphone to compile a list of all the people that you know.


Whether you are selling pet clothes or cupcakes, that list is your client base. This is whom you will tell about your product, service and happenings.


You want this group to be your fan base, so you will keep them informed as to what you’re doing. A small investment of time and money in your immediate social circle can lead to big contacts.


Hosting a drinks party or meet and greet will always land you new clients, referrals and business because these people will tell others about your business and be your PR reps simply by word-of-mouth. They will talk you up their contacts and on social media.


Help A Reporter Out

Sign up to to have direct access to journalists, editors and producers who need sources for their stories.


HARO gets you on the radio, TV, and in print. Here is how it works: Three times a day, you receive an email with queries from media outlets. If your field of knowledge matches their needs, you simply email the contact and pitch yourself. The after the interview, you sit back and get ready for your star turn as ‘the expert’.


Send Out A Press Release

If you haven’t already started building an email list of all your contacts and people who are interested in your product or service, start one today. You really can’t afford to waste another minute. Every business should have a mailing list of potential buyers and contacts.


Build Your Brand OnlineIn the old days, press releases were written targeting the media. Today, they are often used to communicate directly with the consumer, your audience, and your buyer.


A great press release starts with an attention grabbing headline, then gets right to the point in the first paragraph with hard facts and numbers, including the all important attribution “according to (your name), (your town or country) leading Dentist (or whatever your business is). Can you see how this immediately sets you and your business up as an instant expert and authority?


Write a Newsletter or Blog.

Every company and everyone in business should have a newsletter or blog to communicate with their audience and promote their goods, services and ideas.


For example, if you are an accountant, you could send out a newsletter each month highlighting changes in the law and things that your clients can do to save money on taxes. They will look forward to it and it will get you a lot of referrals.


Respond to Breaking News

It is not just Fox and CNN that responds to breaking news these days. You can do it too.


Get in on a trend story. No matter what your industry is, if there is a breaking story in your marketplace, quickly comment on it through social media and alert your mailing list.


Contact a Reporter

Attached to any article written anywhere these days, there is a direct link to the journalist. Even most TV journalists have their Twitter or Facebook ID’s displayed when they are presenting a news story.


The reason they do this is because they want you to contact them.


A lot of small businesses feel uneasy about emailing a journalist of a national or local newspaper. Don’t be.


You should be constantly sending them stories about events in your industry or if any statistics or news that you have.


Even if you don’t have any news to report just yet, if you find a story that you like, call or write the reporter and rave about how much you the loved the story and then say at the end, “I might have a story for you…but I can’t talk about it just yet.”


Journalists love getting a scoop, so they love being let in on information they are not supposed to hear. Then wait for a few days and pitch the reporter your idea.


Don’t be nervous. Reporters constantly need ideas, and whatever your business, you have a story or scoop that they will be interested in and will want to use.


The line “as quoted in The New York Times” or “as featured on the BBC” is pure gold for you and your business and gives you and your business instant credibility.


Make Your Own NewsBuild Your Brand Online

Figure out how you can showcase your product or your service. It could be a short YouTube video or a contest on social media. Be inventive and get noticed. You can also offer to be a guest on local radio show or write an editorial for a local newspaper.


These days, you can’t afford to sit back and wait for customers to find you. There are so many other businesses vying for their attention.


The fact is, if you don’t get noticed, you can’t make a sale. Your job is to tell us, your audience and your potential customers, what you’ve got, what you can do for us, and how we can get it.


As a fun measuring stick of how well your promotions are going, set a Google Alert for your name and business name. If you implement the ideas in this article, you are going to get noticed, and Google will happily remind you that your bold efforts are working.


Experts Waiting To Help

We realize that not every business has to the time or the inclination to generate online traffic to their website and that is why we work with businesses just like yours.


We have a lot of experience working with local clients and promoting their brand online with fantastic results.


Now is the perfect time to start promoting your brand. Call us today to find out how we can help you reach a brand new audience of eager customers.

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