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Seven Secret Twitter Tips You Should Be Using Right Nowsuper twitter Twitter Tips You Should Be Using


310 million users are active on Twitter every month.

They send out 500 MILLION tweets every day.

You should be there because your customers are there!

Are you struggling to build a presence for your business on Twitter and reaching your target audience?

Would you like easy ways to increase your sales and engagement, while building a solid Twitter following?

If you are ready to boost your Twitter results, this article is just for you!

Look, we all know how tough it can be to establish your company presence and grow an audience on Twitter.

We work with many local businesses just like yours who are struggling on social media and that’s why we’re sharing these proven tips to help you get more return from your Twitter efforts.

Don’t worry it you have just dabbled in Twitter and haven’t had much success. You aren’t the only one. Twitter is massively under-utilized for marketing.

For example, did you know you can upload videos, access analytics, and perform Twitter profile searches? In fact, there’s so much you can do to harness the power of Twitter for your business.

But where do you begin?


The answer is….right here!Tweets e1489821863500 Twitter Tips You Should Be Using

To make your life a whole lot easier, let’s start with 9 little-known Twitter tricks you can start using immediately:



This one tip is going to give you the edge over your competitors simply because most businesses don’t know about this feature yet. You can actually tweet videos via Twitter! That lets you personalize your tweets in a much more engaging way than normal.


Because video bypasses that strict 140-character limit!

When you use a mobile app, you can send up to 30 seconds of audio-visual awesomeness out to the world, and that’s a whole lot more bandwidth than 140 characters!

It couldn’t be easier. Simply click the video icon beneath the tweet composer. Then tap the record button to record a video, or upload a video from your device’s photo album.

You can also use your Vine account to tweet 6-second Vine videos!



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