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Four Exciting Ways To Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Products and Services

Have you tried using Facebook Live Video to promote your products and services?

If not, you might like to give it a go, because right now it’s a pretty hot medium. Small business owners are making a fortune promoting their products directly to their customers on Facebook.

Facebook Live is a powerful way to promote your business because it gives you a way to interact and engage directly with your prospects and customers.


Not only that but it will continue to work for you long after you recorded it because your live video replay is also available. That means that prospects and customers can watch it for days, weeks, or months to come.


There are so many effective ways to use Facebook Live to promote your business. However, there is one way that you will definitely want to try and that way is to promote a product in your live video.

facebook live

There are multiple ways to do this, which we’ll cover in this article.


Now before we get into those methods, here are four top tips for making the most of your videos…


  • Promote your video ahead of time.

    You want to get as many people as possible to watch your video as it happens. The way to get people excited about watching your live video is by promoting it starting as early as a week before you do the video to build anticipation and to ensure that they will be around to watch it.


  • Interact with people personally.

    You will see the names of the people watching, so greet your viewers by name and thank them for watching. This personal touch will keep people engaged.


  • Run your video for at least 10 minutes.

    This gives more people a chance to notice your video and start watching. If it only runs for a few minutes, a lot of people will miss it.


  • Keep an eye on the reactions and comments.

    These will be floating across your screen as you are doing the video. This will give you an idea as to whether people are bored or engaged. If reactions and comments drop off, switch things up to re-engage people.


So with those general tips in mind, let’s have a look at different ways to promote a product…


Method 1: Sell a Product Directly

The idea here is to basically create a video sales letter to promote and sell your product, but you do it live. Use home-shopping channels as a guide when it comes to presenting your benefits while keeping your audience entertained. (Top Tip: it helps to have another person on the video to banter with about the product. They can ask some great questions for you to answer.)


As well as talking about your product, remember to provide a call to action. At the end of your video, your audience should be fairly excited facebook liveabout the product, so now you should offer a call to action where you tell them how to order the product.


Answer questions. Because this is a live video, make use of the live function by fielding questions from your audience. As you do so, continue to reiterate the benefits. And be sure to mention your call to action from time to time. (Remember the Home shopping method and how they do it.)


As this is a pretty hard-sell method, you don’t want all of your Facebook content to be full of advertisements about your business, so use this method sparingly. Social media followers don’t typically like hopping on Facebook just to watch an advertisement. If you do it too often, they will not bother watching and you will lose followers. When you use this method, you want it be a real event.


Method 2: Demo a Product or Service

This is a perfect option if you’re selling a physical product or another product where you can do a demonstration, such as software. This can be done in two ways:


Direct demo. This is where the video revolves around the product demo.

For example, if you’re selling a blog plugin, you’d give viewers a tour of the plugin’s dashboard, show how easy it is to install, and show viewers what the plugin can do for them.


Another example: If you are presenting a demo for a product like exercise equipment, you’d point out all the features and benefits of the equipment. And then you’d actually use the equipment to show people how well it works.


Indirect demo. This is where you provide some training, and you use the product as part of the training.


For example, if you were teaching people how to improve their golf drive, you’d go over various factors such as stance, swing and grip. You’d also mention the importance of selecting the right clubs, and then you could promote a specific set of clubs.


TIP: If you’re selling software, plugins or apps, offer viewers a light version of the product for free so that they can try it out for themselves. In turn, this lets you build a mailing list of qualified prospects.


facebook live

Method 3: Do An Interview

There are two ways to do this type of live video:


  • Interview someone else. This is a great option if you’re an affiliate for a

product, as you can interview the vendor.


  • Get someone to interview you. This could be one of your affiliates, a known name in the niche, or even a friend.

One note, however – don’t make the interview about the person. Instead, make it about the problem and the solution. That way, you have a natural lead-in at the end of the interview to promote a product.


For example, if you’re discussing weight loss, the interviewee might ask the interviewee questions such as:


  • What mistakes do you see people make when they start a new diet?
  • How many calories should people eat each day?
  • What sort of exercises should people do?
  • How do you avoid the dreaded plateau?

In other words, ask the popular sorts of questions that your audience wants to know the answers to. You can then field questions from the audience as well.


Method 4: Review a Product

Here you demo a product while you discuss both its pros and cons. You then end your video with a recommendation (assuming you’re reviewing a product that you do indeed recommend) and a call to action.


Keep these points in mind:

  • Be brutally honest about the product flaws. This builds trust with your viewers
  • who in turn are more likely to purchase the product from you since they trust
  • your recommendations. And yet…
  • Handle objections. While you’re talking about how the product flaws, let
  • viewers know how to overcome these flaws and/or why these flaws aren’t deal
  • You might even be able to turn a perceived flaw into an asset.

Here’s a classic example: Listerine mouthwash is known for having a medicine-like taste. Listerine took this perceived flaw and turned it into an asset with the slogan, “You can handle it, germs can’t.” The implication of course is that the strong taste is required to kill germs.


  • Be specific about your recommendations. Let’s face it, the product probably
  • isn’t for everyone. That’s why you’ll want to be very specific about who would
  • most benefit from the product.

For example: “This camera is great for beginners, because it has all the features you need without a steep learning curve.”


TIP: If the product isn’t for everyone, and if you know a product that’s a good match for the other segment of your audience, then do a product comparison video rather than a product review. That way you can recommend BOTH products, with each one being more suitable for different segments of your audience.


  • Remember to provide a call to action. Once you’ve made your

recommendation and told them why you think this product is a good fit, then

  • offer a specific call to action. That’s where you specifically tell them to order
  • the product (and how to do it).

And finally…

Method 5: Provide Training

This is a great option to choose if you’re selling information products like books. The idea here is to provide useful yet incomplete training. Viewers then need to buy a product in order to receive the rest of the solution.

Here are three ways you can provide useful yet incomplete training that naturally leads to a paid offer at the end of the video:

facebook live

  • Give an overview of a step-by-step process.

Here you tell people what to do, but not HOW to do it. In order to get the in-depth, step-by-step details, they’ll need to order your information product.

For example:


  • You give people a step-by-step overview of how to plant an organic garden.
  • Some instructions may be vague such as “build a raised flower bed.” Viewers
  • would need to order your guide in order to find out exactly how to build a
  • raised flower bed.
  • You give people a step-by-step overview of how to create a sales letter.
  • Viewers would need to order your information product to get complete
  • instructions and/or swipes and templates.


Here’s another way to do it…


  • Provide in-depth training for ONE step.

In this case, you provide the complete instructions for one step during your Facebook Live video, and then prospects need to order your product to get in-depth instructions for the rest of the steps.


For example:


  • You give complete instructions for setting up and customizing a WordPress blog. Viewers then need to order your blogging guide to find out how to monetize their new blog.


  • You give complete instructions for building a raised flowerbed. Your viewers then need to order your gardening product to find out how to plant and maintain their garden.


  • You provide complete instructions for socializing a puppy. Your viewers then need to order your puppy-raising guide to get information on other topics such as training and health.


Two more bits of advice for Facebook Live success:

  • No matter which type of live video you’re doing, be sure to offer your viewers
  • some of your BEST content. Don’t hold back. You want people to stay
  • engaged, and a good way to do that is to offer a lot value. Even better is if you
  • can share something they haven’t heard before.
  • Arouse curiosity during the video. News networks are masters at keeping
  • people on their channel even during a commercial break, and they do it by
  • arousing curiosity about what’s coming up later in the broadcast. You can do
  • the same thing to keep your viewers engaged.

For example, “Just a bit later you’ll find out the top five foods you should NEVER eat if you’re trying to lose weight! This is going to shock you, because these are considered diet staples! But first, let’s figure out how many calories you need to eat per day…”


So which type of Facebook Live product promotion method will you try first? Take your pick and then start testing to see which your audience responds to the best!


Facebook Marketing and beyond….

Facebook Live is just one aspect of effective marketing online. It is so easy to talk directly to your target audience, no matter where they live in the world.


We help lots of local businesses to succeed online and we can help you too. Why not give us a call and find out what we can do for your online business.



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