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About Facebook Live
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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Live and How it Can Help Your Business

About Facebook LiveIn April 2016, Facebook introduced Facebook Live. It is fair to say that ‘Live’ video is not unique to Facebook only. Over the past 2 years it has slowly being incorporated into many of the major social media channels, from Twitter’s Periscope to Instagram Live.

However, with an incredibly impressive 1.86 billion daily active users, marketing on Facebook is the obvious platform of choice for small businesses that want to reach a large audience.

In this article, you are going to discover how to make the make the most of this new marketing goldmine.


What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live gives you the ability to make an immediate personal connection with your audience. This is quite a big deal for you as a business owner.

Marketing and communicating with your customers and followers has never been easier. You can literally broadcast live video to Facebook straight from your smartphone and be talking and interacting with your customers all around the world – in real time.

Think about that for a moment. Viewers and followers can actually join your broadcast and engage with your message by posting comments and their reactions that will appear during your stream in real-time as you speak. It is incredible.

To reward you for embracing their new marketing tool, Facebook will heavily promote your live video in news feeds while it is live and for a short period after the broadcast has ended meaning that you will reach as many as your target audience as possible.

About Facebook Live

Why you should use Facebook Live

Like updating your status or posting a photo, Live is yet another option you have to reach your followers at the touch of a button and it is could not be easier to use.

All you need is a smartphone and a decent Internet connection to start a live broadcast.

Unlike other forms of video marketing, it is cost effective too. You won’t need to worry about scripts, fancy lighting or complex video editing. Just press the button for Live broadcasting and off you go.

Your Facebook Live audience is not looking for, or expecting anything professional. It is the off-the-cuff realness of your brand and the people behind your business that will engage and draw viewers in.About Facebook Live

A whopping 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook each day, so you can see why this is a great place to start your video marketing journey.

It’s also easier to get discovered than you think. You’ll pop up on all your followers’ news feeds when you are broadcasting live, and you can also encourage your viewers to subscribe so they’ll be notified of any future broadcasts you hold.

For inspiration and to get a feel of how others are using this tool, you can discover the live broadcasts going on at any given moment across the globe by checking out the Facebook Live map.


How you should use Facebook Live

To help you, Facebook has produced a guide complete with hints and tips on how to go Live, but here are the most important things to remember:

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