Google Says You Are Not Entitled to Links

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link entitlement Google Says You Are Not Entitled to LinksAre News Sources Entitled to a Link?I have seen anecdotal reports on Facebook and Twitter of news organizations refusing to link to a source that is quoted in an article. Many in the SEO industry believe that if they or their client is quoted in a news article that they are entitled to a link back to their website.Rand Fishkin resurrected this idea when he tweeted:“Every website’s ToS should include something like: “Screenshots of this website, quotes taken from our text content, and any references to our brand, domain, or web pages must include a search-engine-followable HTML link.…Why?Because when other sites write about you/use your stuff, they *should* be linking, and it should be a ToS violation when they don’t.Pointing an obstinate author of a piece that uses a screenshot of/quote from your site to said ToS can ease that link request conversation.…100% enforcement isn’t the goal. Like a lot of legalese, it’s just there to reduce friction when you ask for credit, and add friction when folks try to circumvent it.”

Source: Google Says You Are Not Entitled to Links – Search Engine Journal

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