Leading your Small Business through the Covid-19

Navigating small businesses during Covid-19.

To all my Clients

Ok so there’s a few things you can do to keep your business going while we’re in isolation.

I will try to contact you all at some stage with individual ways you may have not thought off to keep your business going or to use the time you have now to get prepared for the break in isolation and the future.
Take a day or a morning to reflect on what you can do and write down policies and actions that you can use to keep your business going or contingency plans for the future. Don’t panic but try to plan, you know your business the best, get into your customers mind and work out a plan.

So here are just a few ideas to start, 

  • Sit down and prepare
    • Update business plan
    • Think of ways to keep your business going, brainstorm with your employees,
      • Blogging – make a list of possible blogs you can write.
      • Eccommerce – Posting
      • Home Delivery’s
      • Lessens, Video, Graphics, Blog and or Book/Pamphlets
        • Cooking Recipes – Sharing Recipes or Video
        • Skill demonstration (Techniques (small snippets) you use or can use with items at home) – Rope climbing, Boxing techniques, video editing, graphics
  • Can you post products or deliver products? Look into,
    • Payment
    • Australia Post
    • Packaging
    • Delivery – petrol, time
  • Get your business financial’s in order
  • Put protocols into action to protect yourself and workers, sanitiser whole areas and washing hands / hand sanitiser
  • For those with children home from school, teaching them about your business and getting them involved

Good luck everyone, 

Most of all be safe,


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